Asociación de Empresarios Hosteleros de Gipuzkoa

Hostelería Gipuzkoa está compuesta por 1.100 empresarios o establecimientos hosteleros, de los cuales un 45 % está en el área de Donostia-San Sebastián, y un 55 % en el resto del territorio histórico. Ofrece una amplia gama de servicios y asesoramiento individualizado, que cubre las necesidades del sector de Hostelería. Mantiene relaciones con todos los organismos oficiales, tales como Gobierno Vasco, Ayuntamientos y Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa. Además, pertenece a la Federación Vasca de Hostelería, a la Confederación Empresarial de Hostelería de España, Federación de Empresarios de Salas de Fiesta, Baile y Discotecas de España etc.

Almortza Kalea, 2, 20018, Donostia - San Sebastian España


ACEDE is the “home cluster”, and as such offers activity and project promotion, streamlining and dissemination in collaboration between its companies. The goal of ACEDE is to help to promote new products and services for the home environment through the collaboration of stakeholders. These are generally industrial companies whose main market is linked to the home appliance or convenience items market. These markets are global and very dynamic, which is why most of ACEDE’s activities are related to innovation. Since 2012 it has had the H-ENEA Living Lab, specialised in households.

GARAIA Parke Teknologikoa, Goiru Kalea, 1, Mondragón, España, Mondragon, Gipuzkoa Spain

BCC Innovation

BCC Innovation is a Sectoral Technological Centre specialised in Gastronomy whose mission is to research and to generate knowledge applied to gastronomy and the culinary experience. This knowledge is transferred to haute cuisine professionals, to all those involved in the food value chain and to society as a whole.

Paseo Juan Avelino Barriola, 101, 20009 Donostia-San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa España

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For Startups

An incubator for talent and enterprise that backs projects while putting gastronomic concepts to the test in a real setting.

For Corporates

A laboratory that makes it possible to test food tools and products, and a place to develop new lines of business.

For Horeca

A space for applied technical training and professional advice on new technologies and digital gastronomy.

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