Ghost Resident

80 /year

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  • Attendance at events
  • Entry in the LABe business directory

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Test Kitchen Resident

280 /month

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  • Work space
  • Delivery reception
  • Experimental kitchens
  • Kitchen equipment
  • Meeting room (1 hour a month)
  • Design Sprint (40% discount)

Benefits of Cowork resident + access to the Test Kitchen in the same space

Erich Eichstetter

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We help you to grow, to discover new business opportunities, to launch yourself onto the market, to connect with partners… and to clear up any doubts.

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Services for For startups

Access to the technological, digital and gastronomic expertise you need to make your startup even more attractive. We give you the network, you decide how high you want to aim.

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Nutrition, health, physiology, sensory analysis, consumer behaviour, quality and food safety.
Everything you didn’t already know when you set yourself the goal of success. Staying two steps ahead will help you not to come up against unexpected hitches.

To keep up with technological progress, the Technology Watch platform provides detailed analysis of global phenomena, trends and innovations, as well as keeping you up to speed with the mechanics of investment and critical events.

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Continuing learning is in the DNA of the most successful startups. That’s why at LABe we offer a range of dynamic training that evolves in line with the needs of the sector and your project.

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Connecting and forging alliances is essential to the development of Digital Gastronomy. LABe drives synergies between all players in the gastronomy value chain through matchmaking and co-creation sessions to which your startup will also be invited.

If your project or startup has a technology platform, take advantage of our software and hardware testing tool to get personalized professional feedback and put it into operation in line with all quality indicators on the market.

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For Startups For Corporates

For Startups

An incubator for talent and enterprise that backs projects while putting gastronomic concepts to the test in a real setting.

For Corporates

A laboratory that makes it possible to test food tools and products, and a place to develop new lines of business.

For Horeca

A space for applied technical training and professional advice on new technologies and digital gastronomy.

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