Nylos is a biotechnology company specialising in gut microbiome analysis for personalised nutrition.

Nylos recommends food that is best for you

Your gut is unique, just like you

Whether you are looking to get in better shape, improve digestion, increase mental clarity or energy levels, Nylos will provide you with a personalised nutrition and wellness plan based on your goals.

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ACEDE is the “home cluster”, and as such offers activity and project promotion, streamlining and dissemination in collaboration between its companies. The goal of ACEDE is to help to promote new products and services for the home environment through the collaboration of stakeholders. These are generally industrial companies whose main market is linked to the home appliance or convenience items market. These markets are global and very dynamic, which is why most of ACEDE’s activities are related to innovation. Since 2012 it has had the H-ENEA Living Lab, specialised in households.

GARAIA Parke Teknologikoa, Goiru Kalea, 1, Mondragón, España, Mondragon, Gipuzkoa Spain

BCC Innovation

BCC Innovation is a Sectoral Technological Centre specialised in Gastronomy whose mission is to research and to generate knowledge applied to gastronomy and the culinary experience. This knowledge is transferred to haute cuisine professionals, to all those involved in the food value chain and to society as a whole.

Paseo Juan Avelino Barriola, 101, 20009 Donostia-San Sebastián, Gipuzkoa España

Centro Stirling

CS Centro Stirling, S. Coop. is the R&D unit of a group of leading companies in the sector of components and subsystems for the home with an emphasis on the quality of their products and their contribution to energy efficiency and the introduction of renewable energies in the domestic sphere.

Avda. Alava, 3 20550 Aretxabaleta Guipúzcoa, 20550 Aretxabaleta, Gipuzkoa España

IED Innovation Lab

IED Innovation Lab is a design playground for transformation projects. We provide a new type of design experience and a set of tools for students, companies, neighbours, public institutions, to come together and create their own projects of transformation: small, big, personal, social, local, global. We imagine, question, research, explore, experiment, educate and prototype. We’re here to transform design as a discipline.

Avenida de Pedro Díez 3, 28019 Madri España

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Hybrid Lab at the School of Computer Science, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). Digital Gastronomy is a culinary vision that infuses traditional cooking with new computational abilities. In the Hybrid Lab at the Hebrew University, they deploy existing digital fabrication instruments in traditional kitchens and integrate them into cooking via hybrid recipes. Their hybrid recipes merge manual and digital procedures, and import parametric design tools into cooking, allowing the cook to personalize the tastes, flavors, structures and aesthetics of dishes.

Jerusalem Israel

Tech Food Magazine

Top portal on food innovation and food tech. The meeting place for the ecosystem that arises where science, technology and the food industry meet. Reflects the innovation that generates new ways of approaching food, from interest in ground-breaking culinary adventures or healthy eating to the challenge of feeding the planet.

Madrid España

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For Startups

An incubator of talent and entrepreneurship that promotes projects while testing gastronomic concepts in a real environment.

For Companies

A laboratory for testing tools and food products, and a space in which to develop new lines of business.

For Horeca

A space for applied technical training and professional advice in new technologies and digital gastronomy.

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