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A set of tools and services to ensure you are important in Digital Gastronomy.


Research, innovation and development of products/services

Testing of prototypes/products/services in real or controlled environments / Design Sprints to develop and test on the basis of innovation challenges / Technological scouting and vigilance

Support in the mapping, exploration and construction phases before designing an MVP (minimum viable product) to see which things work and which can be improved in a product or service. Next, a final testing phase with real consumers in the controlled LABe environment, with measurable results, before launching the final product/service on the market. Also, an observatory/platform to enable you to stay strategically ahead of trends in the sector where you work.

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  • Research, innovation and development of products/services

Support for enterprise and new businesses

Acceleration, incubation and residency programmes for startups / developing pilots. Demo days / investment micro-forums / business matchmaking / workshops and entrepreneurs' forum

Support for entrepreneurs to turn their products into real businesses. Work in the LABe environment with advice, mentoring and finance to add value to every project. Regular contact with possible partners, business angels and investors. Networking tasks and active participation in events organized within the Digital Gastronomy ecosystem.

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  • Support for enterprise and new businesses

Events, image and positioning

Brand presence in media / space within LABe / event design / use of spaces / premium-immersive gastronomic experiences / design of ad-hoc immersive gastronomic experiences for brands

Actions aimed at promoting the people involved. Broadcasting that you belong to the LABe ecosystem and fostering an innovative, modern and technological positioning within the framework of Digital Gastronomy. Conception, planning and production of events, taking advantage of the Tabakalera prism.

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  • Events, image and positioning

Consultancy and advice

Portal with content for members and affiliates / entry in the business directory

Strategic service aimed at meeting the goals of businesses, SMEs and startups. Rationalization of businesses, market research and analysis.

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  • Consultancy and advice

Training and education

Programs for trade professionals ("Gastronomy and Digitalization" Area) / Workshops and activities for the public.

Specialist training programs tailored to the specific profile and needs of each of the players in the gastronomic value chain. Theoretical/practical support and encouragement to help with the final transition towards Digital Gastronomy in HORECA businesses and the sector.

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  • Training and education

Realise the full potential of your business or project with LABe

For Startups For Corporates

For Startups

An incubator for talent and enterprise that backs projects while putting gastronomic concepts to the test in a real setting.

For Corporates

A laboratory that makes it possible to test food tools and products, and a place to develop new lines of business.

For Horeca

A space for applied technical training and professional advice on new technologies and digital gastronomy.

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