The new generation of Fagor ovens tested at LABe

25 February 2022

The new generation of Fagor ovens tested at LABe

At BCC Innovation and LABe we have been able to contribute to the development of the innovative iKORE line of smart ovens.


We are pleased to see the result of this research project that we at BCC Innovation, the Gastronomy Technology Centre managed by the Basque Culinary Center, have carried out with Fagor Professional. We have been able to test the usability, functionality, and cooking quality of the new generation of Fagor iKORE Modular ovens, which will be launched next week, in the real context of our LABe Restaurant. This new line of ovens is controlled by means of a 100% digital and configurable interface, and our facilities and network of professionals in the sector have been the main testing ecosystem.


On the one hand, at LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab, our open innovation laboratory to promote the digital transformation of gastronomy, we analysed the usability and technological advances incorporated in Fagor Professional’s new oven prototype in the kitchen on a day-to-day basis. In addition, the LABe Restaurant team interviewed 30 chefs from different profiles in the sector (collectivities, independent restaurants, organized catering…) to participate in this research.


On the other hand, our team of technicians and chefs carried out an exhaustive physico-chemical analysis in the BCC Innovation laboratories to scientifically verify the impact of the technologies incorporated in the oven on the cooking quality of the food.



BCC Innovation research chef Fernando Palacio explains that the decisive factor has been that “we have combined scientific knowledge with culinary knowledge…”, to which Jonan Eskibel, iKORE’s chief engineer, adds: “We worked in the three areas of our project: laboratory, usability and chef”. Thanks to this combination of scientific knowledge with culinary know-how and user-centred design, we managed to get the whole team involved to obtain the new generation of Fagor smart ovens.


In addition, this strategic testing has identified some key pre-launch factors:

  • User expectations
  • Suitability
  • Perception of the use of the oven
  • Evaluation of the oven
  • Cooking quality



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