The EyeTracker already activated at LABe’s “Technology Table”

14 February 2022

The EyeTracker already activated at LABe’s “Technology Table”

On Thursdays at lunchtime in February you can try out this digital tool in the restaurant on the 5th floor of Tabakalera.


The first technology of the “Technology Table” that LABe – Digital Gastronomy Lab – has just launched is the EyeTracker. This solution, which uses a tablet on which you can read the menu, tracks the diner’s eye position and provides information on the user’s reaction to each element they see. In this way, the impact and their reactions to a certain composition and design of the same menu, characteristics linked to the preparation, price, nutritional or sensory value, among others, can be known. In short, it makes it possible to analyse what catches the consumer’s attention and what determines their final choice.


This technology forms part of the “Begi Digitala” project of BCC Innovation, the Technology Centre of the Basque Culinary Center, developed by the team specialising in Sensory Analysis.


In addition to being in an innovative environment, as it is a Living Lab (a laboratory for open innovation, co-creation and experimentation of new technologies for the restaurant), it turns mealtimes into a culinary experience and, at the same time, makes it possible to understand the choice of a dish in order to promote healthier and more sustainable eating habits.


Reservations for this new interactive mode can be made on the LABe Restaurant website, choosing the option “Technology Table” from the drop-down menu until 24 February.

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