“Technology Table” available at LABe

14 February 2022

“Technology Table” available at LABe

Every Thursday at lunchtime you can interact with different digital technologies during your meal at the LABe Restaurant on the 5th floor of Tabakalera.

From LABe -Digital Gastronomy Lab-, our restaurant which is a laboratory for innovation and experimentation in digital transformation, we are launching a new activity so that diners can try some of the technological advances that we are testing within the framework of different projects of BCC Innovation, the Technology Centre of the Basque Culinary Center, in a fun way every Thursday at lunchtime.


Through this initiative, diners get to know how these innovative technologies work every week, in addition to the restaurant’s usual menu. In this way, a different gastronomic experience is offered.


During the month of February, at the “Technology Table” we offer restaurant customers the option of interacting with an “EyeTracker“, an eye-positioning tablet for digital menus, and from March other solutions such as “Cattlechain”, on food traceability, and “Galvanic Rings” to measure the surface response of our fingers when drinking different beers, will also be activated.


You can make your reservation in the usual way from the LABe website, choosing the Thursday you want to come and the option “Technology Table” from the drop-down menu.

Desarrolla todo el potencial de tu proyecto o negocio con LABe.

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