How knowing my client will help me to innovate in the restaurant

Date: 4 November 12 November

Hours: 09:00 - 17:00

Place: LABe - Digital Gastronomy Lab


The training has finished.
How knowing my client will help me to innovate in the restaurant

Want to gain the tools you need to undertake innovation processes in the restaurant and gastronomy sector, but don’t know how?

By being familiar with our clients, through technologically viable methodologies for generating ideas, we will arrive at a strategy to help us give added value to these clients.

The methodology will be based on:

  • Observing the environment
  • Defining the problem
  • Coming up with solutions
  • Prototyping and assessing the concept


  1. Thinking about the client Who is my client?
    1. What user-focused design is (examples: case studies, Ideo, Stanford)
    2. How to define my goal
    3. How to generate empathy maps
    4. How to define personal profiles
  2. User research What is my client like?
    1. Steps to follow
    2. Conducting interviews
    3. Applying the methodology: observing people
    4. Identifying points of empathy with the client
  3. Methodologies for generating ideas
    1. Importance of difference in ideas
    2. Methodologies for generating ideas:
      1. IdeaSprint
      2. Brainstorming
      3. IdeaShake
      4. IdeaHive
    3. Methods for classifying ideas
    4. How to go from the idea to the concept and the prototype
    5. What a prototype is and what it is for
  4. Prototyping and testing
    1. Designing a prototype
    2. Testing and validation with real users
    3. Assessment and implementation


Professional experts from LABE:

  • Juan David Botero
  • Anais Iglesias
  • Jose Pelaez


Desarrolla todo el potencial de tu proyecto o negocio con LABe.

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