LABe test of animal traceability solution presented at Cattlechain’s closing event

30 March 2022

LABe test of animal traceability solution presented at Cattlechain’s closing event

In this seminar, held at the Basque Culinary Center, our technological product developer Ainhoa Juaristi has presented some of the advances of the collaboration with digitanimal.


On the event of the completion of the European Cattlechain project, which aims to bridge the digital divide between livestock farmers and consumers, yesterday we participated with a presentation on the collaboration of LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab, the laboratory for open innovation and experimentation in the digital transformation of gastronomy.


The aim of this event was to present the objectives and main results of the Cattlechain project, where Ainhoa Juaristi, our technological product developer, in her talk entitled “eLab experiment: Consumer experience and beef traceability“, shared some of the conclusions of the dynamic testing and experimentation of technologies that are taking place in our living lab every Thursday at LABe Restaurant’s “Technology Table” until the last week of April.


In her speech, which closed the event, Juaristi was able to explain how our open innovation and digital transformation experimentation laboratory is set up in the ecosystem of BCC Innovation, the Basque Culinary Center’s Gastronomy Technology Centre. In fact, LABe allows us to have a space for experimentation in a real context, with offices, co-working spaces and a prototyping kitchen, where you can also enjoy the gastronomic experience in our restaurant.


Of the many activities we carry out, testing and experimenting with technologies is one of them. This is where we have been able to collaborate with digitanimal, the world’s leading Spanish company in geolocation and monitoring of livestock, in the testing of QR codes that show animal traceability under our interactive proposal of the “Technology Table” every Thursday at lunchtime.


After three weeks of testing, some of the results we have drawn from this dynamic are as follows:

  • It is necessary to show concise and concrete information to generate a positive impact on the user.
  • Having information about the origin of the animal and the whole process it has gone through until it reaches the dish provides greater credibility in the product that is going to be consumed.
  • In the restaurant context, a service must be created that is accessible to all types of users, technologically, physically and cognitively.
  • The interactive experience must be included in a storytelling that is coherent with the restaurant and the food, where it does not take away the protagonism of the food, but rather they complement each other.


At the end of the day, the participants were able to interact with this technology in their meals as a demonstration of the testing and experimentation dynamics, which aim to promote the digital transformation of gastronomy.


The Cattlechain project is part of the European Green Pact “Farm to Fork” and is funded by the European Commission with the aim of digitally transforming the livestock sector, ensuring full traceability and animal welfare.


In this case, the event “Cattlechain: Optimizing farm productivity and animal welfare using IoT & Blockchain” was held to mark the completion of the initiative and was accompanied by Isabel Bombal, Director General of Rural Development, Innovation and Agri-Food Training of the Government of Spain.

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