14 Jul

SMEs in Europe and Open Innovation for the post COVID-19 digital society

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Virtual / online

13:00 - 14:00


SMEs in Europe and Open Innovation for the post COVID-19 digital society
  • 14 Jul
  • Virtual / online
  • 13:00- 14:00

Language: English

We’re excited to share insights from our research and perspective regarding «what’s next» for hospitality industry and digital transformation in the post-covid era. In this event, organized by the European Network of Living Labs (EnoLL) we’ll also talk about the role of living labs as connectors and innovation triggers in cities, regions and/or specific industries, analyzing LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab as a real case-study, part of a Provincial strategy created to encourage active collaboration between public and private players and spark new innovation opportunities on food-tech, restaurant-tech and food service industry.

ENoLL community is actively working in the challenges that the COVID-19 crisis has brought to us. Their aim now, as it is for many others, is to react in an agile way and prepare our cities and communities now for the new societal changes that will take place in Europe and the World. The Webinar Series on “COVID-19: Current actions preparing our digital societies for a post-COVID future” is gathering the Community of Living Labs and stakeholders around actual proposed solutions.


  • TBC European Agency for SMEs. European Commission. Europe
  • Jose Peláez. LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab *member of ENoLL*. (San Sebastian, Gipuzkoa, Spain)

The webinar will last 60 minutes and will consist of two parts:

1. During the first part ENoLL will present to the audience a set of real-life responses from their network members, stakeholders and individuals to the health crisis.

2. During the second part we will debate, with questions from the audience on “what’s next”. This will be done from the perspective of the construction of an actual digital society based on a multi-stakeholder and citizen-centric approach for Europe and the World, advancing in the democratisation of the access to innovation for all, not leaving anyone behind

To know more about the webinar series click here.


Jose Pelaez

Innovation & Product Development, LABe Digital Gastronomy Lab

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