Webinar Ethical issues of robotics – WUR

22 junio 2020

Webinar Ethical issues of robotics – WUR

How do we democratize technologization in the sector? Which developments are necessary so that technological developments in the sector not only yield more productivity and quality, but also positive social and sustainable effects?

This is an agROBOfood webinar. agROBOfood is an EU funded project aiming to build a European ecosystem for the effective adoption of robotic technologies in the agri food sector, which in turn will become more efficient and competitive. The heart of the project is formed by Innovation Experiments, organized and monitored by Digital Innovation Hubs. In 7 Regional Clusters, Initial Innovation Experiments will demonstrate robotics innovations in agri food, in a manner that ensures replicability and wide adoption across Europe.

Why join this webinar?

This webinar is part of the agROBOfood EU programme. The aim is to contribute to a better quality of life for more people and find answers together for global changes in the field of agri and food. Innovation Experiments will demonstrate the possibilities for robotics innovations in agri food, in a manner that ensures replicability and wide adoption across Europe. The discussion about the ethical aspects is therefore very important.

For whom is this webinar?

agROBOfood aims to build a platform for both companies, scientists and professionals in agrofood to find answer together for global changes. You are all invited to discuss the future of agrifood, with a focus on technology innovation.

Outline and topics

The topics will be covered by experts in the field of ethics and responsible research and innovation from Wageningen University and Research.

Topics and speakers

Lecture Ethical issues of robotics Simone van der Burg, Senior Researcher ethics and responsible research and innovation, Wageningen Economic Research
Case study Else Giesbers, Wageningen Economic Research

Source: wur.nl

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