Spanish startup Scoobic Group nabs €2 million for its multi-purpose e-vehicles for last-mile delivery | EU-Startups

29 enero 2021

Spanish startup Scoobic Group nabs €2 million for its multi-purpose e-vehicles for last-mile delivery | EU-Startups

Scoobic Group, the Sevilla-based startup specialized in multi-purpose electric vehicles for last-mile delivery, has raised a €2 million investment led by Innoenergy, the innovation and entrepreneurship engine in sustainable energy in Europe. It has also added Juan Verde as its newest advisor.

Founded in 2016, the company designs and manufactures electric vehicles for last mile logistics, a well-known issue for transport and delivery professionals. The 100% electric Scoobic vehicle is intermediate in size between a motorcycle and a delivery van. This three-wheeled vehicle can transport up to 750 kilos of payload and 1000 liters, and has a range limit of 300 kilometers.

The startup, based in Seville, aims to turn last mile logistics around while supporting the energy transition. It presents itself as the solution to the challenge posed by the boom in online retail, since the growing demand for e-commerce delivery will result in 36% more delivery vehicles in inner cities by 2030. The multi-purpose electric vehicles for last-mile delivery are also a solution to the health and environmental challenges currently faced by urban last-mile delivery due to traffic congestion and high CO2 emissions of traditional delivery vehicles. Scoobic’s value proposition is that it generates 000 emissions: zero pollution, zero traffic jams and zero noise.

The entry into Scoobic’s share capital by the European company InnoEnergy validates the project at the continental level and provides financial strength to the project which is a further step towards the startup’s objective of opening an electric delivery vehicle factory in Seville.

The investment comes at a time when Scoobic is preparing for a €5 million Series A raise that seeks to bring in new investors to support its expansion and strengthen Scoobic’s business plan.

“Scoobic is driving the energy transition of cities through sustainable mobility by making urban areas cleaner, more comfortable and safer. Our vehicles reduce delivery costs for urban last mile, benefiting companies, and at the same time improves delivery times to customers by up to 30%, benefiting society,” said José María Gómez, Scoobic’s CEO. “It is a new category of delivery vehicle that merges the load capacity of a van with the agility and reduced dimensions of a motorcycle, thanks to its 90 cm width,” he added.

One of the drivers of the European energy transition, InnoEnergy, is funded, in part, by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), dependent on the European Union. For its investment InnoEnergy carried out an audit and valued the emerging company Scoobic at €20 million and its €2 million financial injection gives it a 10% stake.

From its headquarters in Seville, Scoobic is consolidating itself as a key player in the sustainable energy future in Europe as it works to achieve zero net carbon emissions from mobility in cities. “The time has come to create and support a guided approach to urban mobility through more sustainable technologies and purpose-built vehicles,” explained José María Gómez, Scoobic’s CEO.


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