Restaurants: Collect Guest Data Digitally and Increase Engagement

9 julio 2020

Restaurants: Collect Guest Data Digitally and Increase Engagement


July, 2020

Dear Restaurant Owners,

We’re thrilled to see your businesses reopening. (If we’re honest, we’re also tired of doing so many dishes.) The world looks different amidst COVID-19, and now restaurants are required to get guests’ data in case of an onsite COVID-19 outbreak. Collecting your guests’ information doesn’t have to be an excessive headache in terms of figuring out how to follow regulations, safely asking for and securely storing guests’ personal data. Learn how to utilise data collection software to do all of this with ease while also increasing customer engagement.

Go digital: Simplify collecting data

Some restaurant owners have taken creative measures against COVID-19 such as putting lifesize cardboard cutouts of humans where diners aren’t allowed to sit. Yet we all know that we can’t be creative when it comes to governmental requirements*. Ensure your business is correctly handling guest data.

We suggest that restaurants collect data digitally utilising a certified software, such as Customer Alliance.

Benefits of collect data via software:

  • Digital data collection: No need to touch potentially-infected pens or print papers.
  • GDPR compliance: You’ll have the option for guests’ data to be deleted automatically or to manually anonymise the data. Additionally, unauthorised individuals won’t have access to the data as data protection is a top priority for us.
  • Minimal manual work: Forget storing physical spreadsheets of data for 30 days and then having to shred them. Let software do the work.

How does digital guest data collection work?

Collecting and submitting guest data with our software is easy. With more restaurants utilising QR codes to share menus and contact forms, most guests will be familiar with how to use them. Simply create a QR code, print it and place it on all your tables. Guests just need to scan the code to view and fill out the contact form.

If guests have their phone’s scanner enabled, guests will be sent directly to your business’ contact form after pointing their phone’s camera at the QR code for several seconds. Alternatively, guests can use a scanner app to read the QR code. After collecting the data, you won’t need to worry about it as the data will all be centrally stored and automatically deleted per the GDPR timeframe. This will give you more time to focus on your customers and their dining experience.

Drive customer engagement when collecting guest data

There’s one more major reason to opt for collecting data digitally—promoting your restaurant. 99% of consumers check their email every single day. Why not take advantage of this? When guests fill out your contact form, our software gives you the option to put an opt-in checkbox for guests to subscribe to your restaurant’s newsletters or company emails.

Use your newsletter as an opportunity to bring customers back to your restaurant. Tell them about upcoming menu changes, offer coupons, discuss your involvement in the community and send questionnaires to learn more about their preferences. This is an effective way to connect to your diners and increase customer loyalty.

To learn how your restaurant can make the most out of our software while following COVID19 regulations, schedule your free personal consultation with the button below.


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