Kitchen robot will slave over a hot stove – for just £248,000

15 diciembre 2020

Kitchen robot will slave over a hot stove – for just £248,000

Launching the robot kitchen at the Gulf information technology exhibition in Dubai, Oleynik said: «What you are looking at here is the world’s first consumer robotic kitchen. Like all breakthrough technologies – cars, televisions and computers – it will appeal to enthusiasts, professionals and early adopters, and is priced accordingly. We anticipate that our pricing will be reduced significantly over time with production volume, efficiencies and economies of scale,» he told The Guardian.

The robot has two robotic arms with fully articulated hands that allow it to pick out ingredients from a fridge, change the temperature on the hob, turn on taps to fill pans and plate up the meal. The robot is also connected to the fridge that can track ingredient quantities and alert you when items are running low.

In 2016 Oleynik said that rather than the kitchen robot taking away the creativity in cooking that many people enjoy, it can instead preserve your creations. He said: «Moley accumulates human knowledge. If you cook something truly unique, the robot will record the recipe precisely, and it will keep it for future generations to reproduce.»


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