“Innovative Ideas and Technologies vs. COVID-19 and beyond” A Global Call for Developing Countries | UNIDO

2 julio 2020

“Innovative Ideas and Technologies vs. COVID-19 and beyond” A Global Call for Developing Countries | UNIDO

The COVID-19 pandemic will have far-reaching and long-term effects on populations and economies worldwide. Besides its immediate impact on health, the socioeconomic consequences of the pandemic are likely to be felt by economic actors over the world, and the populations of developing countries and economies in transition are expected to be among those most vulnerable to suffer from COVID-19-related challenges.

The Global Call is aimed at identifying “Innovative Ideas and Technologies vs. COVID-19 and beyond”, namely scalable solutions to cope with the direct and indirect impact of COVID-19 in developing countries and economies in transition, and their respective needs in the transition to post-crisis socioeconomic realities in the aftermath of the pandemic.

The Global Call offers an opportunity at international level to identify and promote innovative solutions contributing to tackle COVID-19 effects in developing countries and make their economies more resilient, in alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The initiative, inspired by ITPO Italy, is promoted by UNIDO – United Nations Industrial Development Organization – through its network of ITPOs, Investment and Technology Promotion Offices around the world.

Applications must be received by 30 June 2020 at the following link.

The Award Ceremony will be held via a live stream on 14 July 2020 in compliance with the ongoing measures taken worldwide to prevent the spread of the virus.

For any clarification or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us: itpo.rome@unido.org

  • Objective of the Contest
  • Admissible Candidates
  • Submission of Applications
  • Admission Criteria
  • Evaluation Criteria
  • The Jury
  • Reward and Award Ceremony
  • The Global call has the objective to identify and promote the best innovative ideas and technologies to respond to the COVID-19 emergency and its aftermath that could be successfully applied in Developing Countries (DCs).

    Specifically, priority will be given to the following 4 strategic categories:


    The Global call seeks to create a virtuous cycle of connections between the private, academic, financial, and institutional world to fight COVID-19 and lay the foundations for the recovery.

    Furthermore, it offers the opportunity to the winners to present their own innovative ideas and technologies to potential partners in the UNIDO network and to benefit from ad hoc promotional and networking support provided by the organization.

Source: unido.org

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