HYBRiX drone opens new opportunities for farmers – Quaternium

10 julio 2020

HYBRiX drone opens new opportunities for farmers – Quaternium
hybrid drone spraying

Drone spraying were first in Southeast Asian countries and now is becoming more used in US and Europe.

Currently, we are seeing a significant increase in the number of drones used in these countries because of their great results in fields. Drone sprayers are equipped with almost all the parts of any other sprayer: a tank, a pump to push liquid through the hoses to the nozzles and a pressure gauge. But there are limitations, mostly on the size of these components because of the power required to keep the drone sprayer in flight mode for a reasonable time.

When referring to flight endurance, it’s impossible to find an electric drone capable of flying more than 15 minutes for spraying works. Electric solutions make operators had to waste multiple hours waiting for batteries to cool down and charge them. All these logistics produce extra costs and several days to finish the work.

With +1 hour of flight time carrying 10L of liquid, HYBRiX system surpasses electric flight endurance making it easier to work in a more efficient way.


A few weeks ago due to the heavy rain, the entry of ground vehicles to the field was impossible, but thanks to HYBRiX technology farmers were able to spray all their vid fields in one day of work obtaining the expected results. This is just one of the clear benefits of drone technology.

Drones carry unique characteristics when applying liquid products. The spaying application is different from ground-based machines, helicopters or crop dusters. HYBRiX drone is mainly flown 2 – 12 meters above the crop with their 4 rotors creating turbulence in the air. The 4 nozzles are positioned in such a way that they allow an excellent uniformity and coverage of the applied products, reaching hidden layers of the crop.

HYBRiX its equipped with a 10 L liquid tank with a spray width of 4 meters. The application rate is 10-12 L per hectare, with an irrigation speed of 2 L / min. The airframe supports light rain and dust without a problem, the electronics are inside boxes and we use quality connectors.

Therefore, it is too soon to come to a conclusion on the effectiveness and drift potential of drone sprayers in large fields, they are showing unique capabilities over manned aircraft and ground spraying equipment in smaller areas.

Stay tuned!

Source: quaternium.com

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