Democratizing Biotech in Emerging Economies | Thought For Food

18 junio 2020

Democratizing Biotech in Emerging Economies | Thought For Food

As part of the SynBioBeta virtual Built with Biology Summit, TFF organized a “Biotech in Emerging Economies” roundtable featuring TFF teams microTERRA, Xilinat, and FrontierSS. Here’s what we discussed and learned.

The Built with Biology Summit was a virtual gathering to explore how biology can redefine the economy, supply chains, and manufacturing at local, state, national, and global levels, and paint on the empty canvas of solutions that COVID-19 has left us with.

Biology-based innovations can indeed solve the most important challenges our world is facing. It can also help strengthen some of the most vulnerable communities, especially in emerging economies. Yet, cutting-edge innovations are still primarily coming from and targeting Western countries.

Many of these challenges are global ones that require us to apply systems thinking and consider all sorts of different factors. Reconstructing the new normal together is an advantage to accelerate how we innovate.

To increase the potential and impact of bio-based innovations from emerging economies, we must democratize state-of-the-art knowledge, and connect innovation directly with social inclusion. Makerspaces and Biolabs have made a start to change this. But we believe there is much more we can do. So how can we drive biotech innovation in emerging economies?

Watch the full recording of our “Biotech in Emerging Economies” session SynBioBeta’s Built with Biology Summit here.


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