Dairy Company Uses First Milk Packaging in Ireland Labelled as Carbon Neutral

2 julio 2020

Dairy Company Uses First Milk Packaging in Ireland Labelled as Carbon Neutral
(Credit: Pixabay)

Dairy company Lee Strand has announced that its fresh milk will be available in plant-based packaging — the first milk packaging in Ireland to be labelled as carbon neutral.

According to Tetra Pak, the Tetra Rex plant-based package is the world’s first and only fully renewable beverage carton. It is FSC-certified and made entirely of paperboard, from responsibly managed forests and other controlled sources. The plastic is plant-based, made from Bonsucro certified sugarcane.

Tetra Pak has also partnered with local and organic brands to provide sustainable, plant-based packaging that are labelled as carbon neutral. These include: globally-focused Irish agri-business, Aurivo, who will be launching its 1L and 1.75L Tetra Rex plant-based milk carton for its Connacht Gold, Donegal Creameries and 1.75L Organic for Us brands at the end of the summer; dairy company Vecozuivel, the first company in the Dutch market; northern Europe’s largest producer of eggs and egg products, Balticovo, who became the first in the Baltics to use Tetra Pak’s plant-based packaging last year and Galacteum, a Spanish dairy company, with the only brand in Spain to market pasteurized fresh milk in a half-liter plant-based format.

The carbon neutral certification reflects the efforts made to reduce carbon emissions in the manufacture of these packages, maximizing energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions across each stage of the life cycle, from the extraction of raw materials and manufacturing to transportation and recycling.

Nearly three-fourths of consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging. That’s according to recent research by Trivium Packaging. The report, developed in partnership with Boston Consulting Group, surveyed participants for their preferences related to sustainable packaging along with their willingness to pay more for products with environmentally friendly packaging.

Source: environmentalleader.com

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