Chipotle Introduces Sustainability Impact Trackers for All Digital Orders

2 noviembre 2020

Chipotle Introduces Sustainability Impact Trackers for All Digital Orders
(Credit: Chipotle)

Chipotle Mexican Grill has announced the debut of Real Foodprint, a sustainability impact tracker that compares average values for each of Chipotle’s 53 ingredients to their conventional counterparts against five 5 key metrics:

  • Less Carbon in the Atmosphere: Measured in grams
  • Gallons of Water Saved: Measured in, you guessed it, gallons
  • Improved Soil Health: Measured in square feet
  • Organic Land Supported: Measured in square feet
  • Antibiotics Avoided: Measured in milligrams

Chipotle says it is the first brand to provide detailed impact data about its ingredients for guests. Here’s how it works:

HowGood Partnership

Metrics for Real Foodprint are provided by HowGood, an independent research company with the world’s largest sustainability database for products and ingredients. HowGood aggregates information from Chipotle’s suppliers and more than 450 unique data sources, including peer-reviewed scientific literature, industry findings, and research from government and non-governmental organizations, to evaluate the average impact of Chipotle’s 53 ingredients on the environment and animal welfare. Chipotle is the first restaurant brand to partner with HowGood.

Real Foodprint Guest Experience

At the order confirmation screen on the Chipotle app and, guests will receive data on five (5) key metrics computed based on averages for the ingredients included in their order. The tracker compares Chipotle’s ingredients and sourcing standards to an industry average, and the metrics provide a snapshot of computed environmental savings across categories. Fans can use the simulator on the Real Foodprint site to share their order’s tracker results with their followers using the latest technology from Twitter.

Determining Chipotle’s Impact

To develop Real Foodprint, HowGood evaluated Chipotle’s sourcing standards for all 53 ingredients to demonstrate the impact each Chipotle digital order is helping to have on the planet. The positive change in impact across the five key metrics is the difference between average data for each ingredient based on Chipotle’s sourcing standards and conventional, industry average standards.

HowGood also aggregated data on the percentage of each ingredient used in each Chipotle menu item, to help tailor each guest’s Real Foodprint tracker. HowGood’s thorough assessment of Chipotle’s ingredients ensures the brand can adjust its supply chain over time and continue to minimize the impact of each ingredient.

Defining Conventional Sourcing

To establish the industry average, HowGood used data from authoritative sources like the United States Department of Agriculture, World Health Organization, and United States Food & Drug Administration to determine a baseline for conventional production of food.


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